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Edmans & Co is a leading independent Immigration Law Firm based in Covent Garden, central London. Awarded Best Immigration Law Firm 2016We deal with all aspects of UK Immigration Law and we are registered at the Highest Level (Level 3) with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) - a goverment regulating body that regulates all the immigration advisory firms in the UK, which enables us to provide advice and assistance with in all areas of UK Immigration. The areas we cover include Working and Investment Visas, Sponsor licensing, Family Visas, Study Visas, Visitor Visas, Indefinite Leave to Remain applications, European Visas, British citizenship applications, Long Residence application (10 year route), appeals to the Immigration Tribunals and bail work.

Lawyers at Edmans & Co have over 10 years of experience in dealing extensively with different clients from a variety of backgrounds. Our clientele ranges from wealthy corporate entities to private individuals. We therefore know how important it is to provide expert advice at competitive fees. Our rates are some of the most competitive in central London and our standard of service is second to none.

Why choose Edmans & Co?

Edmans & Co immigration law firm in London has a strong reputation for providing an exceptional immigration service while at the same time charging very reasonable fees. Our immigration law firm prides itself on transparency in all matters. We operate a Fixed Fee policy, meaning that in most cases the client will know from the onset of the case what fees will be due. This means that there will be no hidden surprises for the client. Unlike other firms who may charge an hourly rate, our fees will be fixed in most cases. The fee quoted will cover preparation of your case, all telephone conversations and email correspondence, and submission of your case to the immigration authorities.

You can contact us either by calling our office on 020 7439 3000, or by emailing us at If your case is complex, you will be offered a charged consultation for up to one hour with one of our experts. If, after the consultation, you decide to proceed with the application, we will deduct the consultation fee from our application fee, so you will end up not having paid anything extra for the consultation.

Urgent case assistance

In the event that you may require urgent assistance with your case outside our working hours or on a weekend/public holiday, you may still contact us by sending an email to This email is monitored around the clock and one of our qualified lawyers will usually get in touch with you within 1 hour of receiving your enquiry. Please include comprehensive information about your case, so that it can be assigned to the most appropriate lawyer.

Email or call us now for more information. Alternatively, fill in Our Enquiry form. We Look Forward to Hearing from you.

Latest news

Winner of "Best Immigration Law Firm 2016" award


Edmans & Co is proud to have received the award of "Best Immigration Law Firm 2016" by the VV Magazine & Phillips at the Annual Luxury Awards ceremony at the Phillips, London.

The past year has been very eventful in all aspects, with Brexit in particular being in the centre of attention. As a consequence, there has been a very large number of developments and we expect even more change to come in the immediate future. From immigration law prospective, this does not only concern individuals, but also most businesses in the UK -something that the team at Edmans & Co has been able to successfully advise and assist its clients with to date and this award represents the recognition that the team has received for the hard work and dedication.

Government U-turn on the 500% fees increase!


In a very unexpected turn of events, the government decided to reverse its decision for the fivefold increase of the appeal fees. The increase was meant to lead to a steep reduction in the number of appeals bought forward by unsuccessful applicants. Thus, applicants who may have been unfairly refused and could have been successful at appeal would be deterred from appealing due to it simply being unaffordable, which raises important issue of potentially restricting access to justice. However, following major opposition to the increased fees in public consultation, the government abandoned the increases and the fees will in due course revert back to the old rates and those applicants who duly paid the astounding increased fees in the few weeks of their operation, will be reimbursed.

What does the future hold for the UK Immigration in 2017


It has so far been a turbulent year for the UK and in particular UK Immigration. The country quite unexpectedly voted to leave the EU in the “Brexit” referendum and now aims to serve the Article 50 notice on the European Union by March 2017. However, the whole process is marred with various legal challenges from pro-EU groups and it now looks unlikely that the notice will be given by March 2017, as originally planned. In the meantime, in November this year the government announced new version of the current EEA rules, that will come into force in February 2017.

New Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules of 3 November 2016


November the Home Office announced new Statement of Changes, making a number of changes to the Tier 2 and Tier 4 categories, changes to the English language requirement to migrants of a 5 year family route and quite significantly, abolition of 28 day grace period for making out of time applications. Some of the changes were forthcoming for quite some time, in particular changes to Tier 2 category and increase of English language requirement to level A2 for family immigration application under 5 year route, we covered both comprehensively in our previous articles  in May and August respectively.

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